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Safari Promotions is a Nationwide Sportsman's Show promoter.  We use a wide variety of multi media advertising, including heavy emphasis with Social Media

Where are we next?

Sept 30th - Oct 1st Tri-State Expo Center Lebanon Me.  We are currently booking Dealers.  This is going to be our largest event being the time of year, heading into hunting season.

Mark it on your Calendar and book today!


Black Friday Weekend Show  Nov 24th, 25th and 26th.  Now Booking............

BELOW is our growing list of CRAFT VENDORS and SPORTSMAN DEALERS for our Sept Show.

Sportsman Dealers

We are going through applications and will be adding soon!

Our Craft Vendors


  1. Sharon Therriault ... Thirty One
  2. Space Open
  3. Space Open
  4. Rebecca Ulm ... Rada Cutlery
  5. Space Open
  6. Space Open
  7. Kate Kran ... Rugs.. Halladays Barn Mixes 
  8. Kendra Grover .. Paparazzi 
  9. Stephanie Pare .... Style Dots
  10. Space Open
  11. Space Open
  12. Space Open
  13. Karmen Mitchell ... LuLaroe
  14. Space Open
  15. Space Open
  16. Space Open
  17. Heather MacDonald ... Heavenly Goddess/TwoCan Woodworking
  18. Space Open
  19. Space Open
  20. Space Open
  21. Michele Eynon ... Tupperware
  22. Space Open
  23. Space Open
  24. Space Open
  25. Space Open
  26. Audrey Leigh .... Perfectly Posh
  27. Space Open
  28. Space Open
  29. Jaime Woollard .... NYR-Organic
  30. Space Open
  31. Space Open
  32. Maude LeBlanc .... Scentsy
  33. Space Open
  34. Patti Tetreault Frohloff ....  DōTERRA Essential Oil Products 
  35. Space Open
  36. Space Open
  37. Space Open
  38. Colleen Valliere ..... Glass Infused Products
  39. Space Open
  40. Space Open
  41. Wanda Martin Van Norden .... Wire Wrapping Gemstone Creations
  42. Wanda Martin Van Norden .... Wire Wrapping Gemstone Creations
  43. Space Open
  44. Maggie Rogers ..... Jamberry
  45. Tracy Haerinck Pohl .... Usbourne Books